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Maciej Małecki

My adventure with Node started on August 17th 2011. I had sprained my ankle a few days earlier and was looking for something new to learn and kill some time with. Node immediately came to my attention as The New Hottest Thing™, so I installed it and started playing around with it.

I was silly enough to try using `master` branch of node, which was undergoing some serious refactoring at the time. That caused npm to break when installing packages.

I popped into the #node.js IRC channel and was welcomed by the friendliest community I could imagine. Not only did they let me know that `master` branch wasn’t usable at the time, they also helped me find the origin of the bug I was experiencing. That day I committed a test for the backwards compatibility breakage that npm was experiencing, which was merged into the core a couple of days later.

I couldn’t ask for a better community to embark on a crazy, asynchronous adventure with.

Today I’m very proud and excited to be joining some of the people I’ve been looking up to in this community at npm, Inc.