npm Blog (Archive)

The npm blog has been discontinued.

Updates from the npm team are now published on the GitHub Blog and the GitHub Changelog.

npm Weekly, #4

Squeaking it in riiight under the wire, here’s your npm Weekly for this week. You could also be getting it delivered to you.

What’s new in the CLI

We had another minor version bump, up to version 2.5.0. The new feature that brought us there is a new flag, npm outdated --long which tells you the type (e.g. dev or peer) a dependency is.

What’s coming in npm@3

In npm@3 you’ll be able to watch the progress of your downloads with the new progress bar.

From the community

Do you maintain or develop modules? Check out Max Ogden’s list of modules which make npm package maintenance easier. You should also check out Chris Dickinson’s method of figuring out whether a change is a minor or major change in semver.

Making Make Make Sense

In her No More Tools talk at ForwardJS this week, Karolina Szczur mentioned the many ways you can automate your build process, including a tool which many find intimidating: Make. But you don’t have to be scared. In this video from npm’s internal demo day, Isaac makes make make sense.