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npm private modules are coming soon!

We know you’ve all been eagerly waiting… because you’ve been telling us. A lot.

We’re really happy to say that we are very close to the release of npm private modules. You can keep your private code private while still getting all of the benefits of having it on npm: dependency management with semantic versioning and easy distribution of your private code to your team or clients.

We were wondering whether you could tell us just one thing… what do you plan to use private modules for?

And for those that don’t already know… what are private modules?

Private modules are ordinary npm packages that only you, and people you select, can view, install, and publish. You publish them in your namespace or your team’s namespace, just by giving them a name in package.json:

  "name": "@myuser/mypackage"

You publish them with npm publish, just like any other package, and you install them by name:

npm install @myuser/mypackage

Once installed, use them by requiring them by name, just like any package:

var mypackage = require('@myuser/mypackage');