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The npm blog has been discontinued.

Updates from the npm team are now published on the GitHub Blog and the GitHub Changelog.

npm weekly, #13

solving npm’s hard problem: naming packages

As part of the private modules rollout last week, we introduced a new free feature: scopes for packages. If you’re a registered npm user then you already have a scope, so check out the post if you want to learn how to use it.

wombats in new york

A couple of wombats will be wandering around New York next week, so feel free to stop by and say hi. Lin will be hanging out at EmpireJS (April 26-27) and will be speaking at NodeDay (April 28), which Isaac will also be attending. If you want to catch the talk at NodeDay, there are still some tickets available.

from the community

The nice folks over at Piggybank wrote a tutorial on using npm Private Modules with Heroku. Even if you aren’t using Heroku, you might want to checkout Step 4, setting up project .npmrc files. This applies to any CI.

what’s going on in the cli

We had a bugfix week last week, making npm’s git support more robust. We also saw the conclusion of an epic bug hunt when Sam Mikes sussed out the problem we were seeing between CouchDB and newer versions of Node/io.js. Thanks Sam!