npm Blog (Archive)

The npm blog has been discontinued.

Updates from the npm team are now published on the GitHub Blog and the GitHub Changelog.

npm weekly, #18

Wondering where the weekly was this week? If you don’t want to miss belated weeklies, you can have it delivered, direct to you.

so many modules

As of Saturday, npm has the most modules of any module registry, by any measure… for any programming language. Thanks for all your contributions :)

wombats at jsconf

npm is sponsoring the live transcription at JSConf, and 41.6% of the npm team will be at JSConf this week (which means we’re about ~1% of attendees). The conferencing wombats are (from right to left) Rebecca, RyanLin, Forrest, and Laurie. We’d love to meet you, so say hi if you see us.

in search of more wombats

We have a a slew of new job listings.

Check out more on the jobs page.

visualize your outdated dependencies

Thanks to Emmanouil Konstantinidis, you can get a neat visualization of the outdated dependencies in your package.json file with… and if you’re wondering whether those updates will break your build, try out next-update to see whether the updates break your tests.

an interactive cli

A few weeks ago we showed you how to build a simple cli to manage your deployment process, and we showed you how to add options to your command. If you want to see how to make it really interactive, you can check out the cut-release project for an example. It uses inquirer to prompt the user for options.