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npm weekly #23: how-to’s, big numbers, and your upcoming talks

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how to create and publish your first node.js module

Do you have a friend who wants to get started with Node.js modules? Here’s a great tutorial from @jdaudier.

giving a talk about npm?

Learning about npm is easier when you’re doing it with other people. If you’re giving a talk about npm, we’d love to feature it in the Weekly. Just reply to this note or fill out this form with your talk’s details.

big numbers are big

Holy wah, you’ve been busy. Last week, the npm community

If you don’t follow Laurie on Twitter, you’ve missed more amazing stats-’n’-graphs. See, e.g., npm requests per region, and the resulting global traffic graph.

…and speaking of numbers

We frequently get questions about npm’s download stats — what do and don’t we count?, are an author’s package download counts “real”?… — so here’s a detailed post for the curious: how npm download counts work.

did you know?

If you’re having trouble using a module, try npm owner ls.

It’s a one-step way to find a module’s contributor so you can get in touch. Also, npm bug will open the GitHub issues page in a new browser window.

And of course, if you’re having trouble installing a module from our registry, we’re always here to help:

[your stuff here]

What are you working on? Who’s doing inspiring things? What projects could use a hand?

Drop us a note with your suggestions for the Weekly. Just reply to this email with your ideas.

tweet of the week / dept of awwww

npm i baby -g —Adam Bretz @adambretz July 21, 2015