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npm weekly #28: how to do many things

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how to mail selfies to your mom

if only there were some kind of stick, for selfies

Russell at wrote an in-depth tutorial that shows how to build an Express.js app that prints and mails a postcard of any of your Instagram photos. It’s fantastic.

We highly recommend checking out the tutorial and a working demo. a) It’s fun to build something cool, and b) This is the kind of tutorial we hope will proliferate within the npm community. Give it a whirl and let us know how it goes.

(Our address is 1999 Harrison Street, ste. 1150, Oakland, CA 94612, USA, by the way. Oh, no reason.)

how to spam your Slack

While you’re in a building mood:

If you’re an absolute beginner — or just love unleashing Markovian havoc upon your colleagues — don’t miss this from our own Shivani Negi:

How to Build A Slackbot + Deploy an App to Heroku for Absolute Beginners takes you step-by-step through getting Node.js & npm set up in your dev environment, cloning CJ’s LOUDBOT, and getting it up on Heroku.


how to learn something new about npm

If you somehow forgot to make it to ToulouseJS this week, all is not lost. Matt Winchester sends word of his rad talk at UtahJS:

Why we love the letters n p m: Ninja parade month? Nixon’s Presidential mistakes? Just what does npm mean? What does it do? Can it benefit front end development? We’ll take a tour of npm’s package making features. From installing to linking to semver, I’ll neatly present machinations that can benefit your development!

It’s coming up Friday, September 25. Tickets are here.

how to score an npm tee-shirt

We’re working on big improvements to package discovery and publishing and managing private modules, so we’re looking for willing guinea pigs to share opinions and feedback. In exchange for participating in a 30-minute usability session, you get the thanks of a grateful wombatariat; also, free things.

Sign up here.

how not to sound like a jerk

Odds are none of us intends to exclude or hurt fellow members of the community, but polarizing and gender-favoring language has a way of slipping into what we write. Sometimes it’s a big help to have a second set of eyes that can look things over, notice what we’ve overlooked, and nudge us towards being more considerate and inclusive.

Check out alex, which helps “catch insensitive, inconsiderate writing” by identifying possibly offensive language and suggesting helpful alternatives.

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how to get a Node job

Hired connects Node developers with over 2,500 vetted tech companies in 13 major tech hubs, probably including yours. Developers on Hired receive an average of 5 interview requests within a week. Looking for a job? Check them out.