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npm weekly #30: package scripts for tooling and a tutorial for front-ending

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minimizing your reliance on global package installation

When you introduce a new contributor to a project — or just try to set up your new laptop — needing to run multiple global installations means plenty of opportunities for confusion or mistakes. Even the relatively straightforward process of locally building Angular.js still involves three separate shell commands and running “install” four times.

The good news is that npm scripting can help. The scripts section of a package.json can define all sorts of package-specific commands, like how to test the package and what runs after the application terminates, but as K.Adam at Bocoup points out,

commands used within npm script commands have direct access to locally-installed packages: this means that modules don’t have to be globally installed in order to be exposed to the user via npm scripts.

With npm package scripts, you can provide a common façade for your tools, simplify your libraries’ workflows, and get back to building great things with the best tools for the job.

Check out K.Adam’s thorough, excellent, explanation: A Façade for Tooling with NPM Package Scripts.

building a front-end workflow

We know from search and download counts in the npm registry, and the kinds of support requests we receive, that a good number of you use npm for front-end asset and dependency management — and we build our own website with npm (delicious, delicious dog food). Exactly how much of the workflow involved in building a website can you manage and automate with npm?

Just ask Youssef Kababe:

you can literally use npm to do everything and that’s what we will do now! We’ll create a simple website by managing everything using npm!

Go follow Youssef’s step-by-step tutorial: npm-based front-end workflow.

rebuilding after you update Node

Node is 4! but among the implications that carries is the need to recompile all of your C++ addons.

James Kyle reminds us to remind you: don’t forget about rebuild, which runs the npm build command on the folders for each package you specify.

NewCo Oakland Festival 2015

meeting Isaac & checking out our digs

NewCo is a pretty cool idea:

Our mission is to identify, celebrate, and connect the engines of positive change in our society.

One of the unique features of their NewCo Festivals is that they introduce neat companies by literally bringing festivalgoers to the companies — “get out to get in” — in a sort of business conference - cum - open-studio format.

In two weeks, they’ll host the 4th Annual NewCo San Francisco and the very first NewCo Oakland Festival. We’re proud to be included. If you’re in the area, this Thursday, October 8 at 3pm, we hope you’ll stop by the new place. Isaac will speak on work/life balance, you can meet the team and pet Haggis, and there will be swag.

Tickets are here: NewCo Oakland. Use the discount code HC30OAK for 30% off.

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getting a gig in Node

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