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npm weekly #31: npm 3 speed fixes, modules demoed in the browser, tossed salad and scrambled eggs

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npm is at Open Source & Feelings

It’s a light Weekly this week because a good chunk of our humans are at Open Source & Feelings. If you are, too, we have three requests:

  1. Say hi. Isaac, Laurie, Aria, Ernie, Forrest, Jeff, Kat, and Rebecca are around, and make for good conversation.
  2. See Isaac speak. Saturday at 12:30pm, he’ll present Non-Violent Communication for Fun, Profit, and Self Defense:
    Turn conversations away from blame and antagonism, towards meaningful connection and opportunities for growth and collaboration
    It’s a profoundly important toolkit when collaborating with others in the open source community, because
    Open source is a social machine, and compassion helps keep the gears from grinding to a halt.
    Check it out.
  3. Show us your laptop. The OSFeels swagbag includes an OSFeels-exclusive Wombat sticker from Jon Q. Stick it on, snap a pic, tweet it with the hashtag #wombatlove, and good things will come to you.

npm is getting faster

It wasn’t much of a secret that the first versions of npm 3 have been … slower than we like. In one typical example, npm ls in npm 2 on a MacBook took around 5 seconds; the same command in npm 3 was closer to 00:50.

Good news, by which we mean great news: in npm 3.3.6, we’ve made huge strides at tuning performance to get things sped back up. We found one example of something going from 6 minutes down to 14 seconds. Rebecca gently suggests:

Performance just got 5 bazillion times better.


3.3.6 is next at the moment, and latest next week. Let us know how it goes.

npm is part of NewCo Oakland

We plugged this last week, but there are still some tickets available to participate in NewCo’s first annual Oakland Festival.

Thursday, October 8 at 3pm, we hope you’ll stop by npm, Inc. World Headquarters and Yak Sanctuary. Isaac talks work/life balance; you see our digs & snag swag; everyone wins.

Tickets: NewCo Oakland. Use the discount code HC30OAK for 30% off.

npm modules are demoed in the browser

If you’ve ever used JSFiddle to try out or demonstrate JavaScript snippets online, you’re gonna dig Tonic.

Tonic lets you require() any module in npm and run it right in your browser, which comes in handy for blog posts, docs, teaching, or just more easily showing off cool things.

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