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announcing free Orgs


Today, we’re excited to announce that npm Orgs, our collaboration tool for helping teams manage permissions and share their code, is free for all developers of open source packages. You may invite an unlimited number of collaborators to manage an unlimited number of public packages for $0.

We launched Orgs in 2015 for companies that needed to mix public and private code. They wanted an easy way to set permissions for multiple team members and multiple packages. Now, teams who don’t need private packages can use this functionality too.

Why would we give away our most popular product? Making it easier to collaborate on open source projects is good for the whole community, and anything that reduces friction makes it easier for everyone to build amazing things.

Take a look at our Orgs docs to learn how these work, and create a free Org now to supercharge how you collaborate on development projects.

If you run into any questions, just drop a line to our support team at or tweet us @npmjs. We can’t wait to see what you build.