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Scope support in search and download stats

Every npm account comes with a free scope, which allows you to publish packages within your own personal name space, like “@myname/mypackage”. Orgs also get a free scope, so you can publish “@mycompany/mypackage”.

Scopes have existed on the registry for a while, but with the announcement of free orgs last month, they suddenly got a LOT more popular. The adoption of npm orgs by the open source community has been fantastic. In response, we finished some long-promised work to better support scoped packages in other parts of npm.

At long last, we provide download statistics for scoped packages like @types/lodash and @angular/common on our website. Hooray! We finally got to close one of our oldest bugs!

And in case you missed it, we now support scoped searches in npm’s package search, so you can search just within a given scope. You can also filter by keyword and maintainer.

As before, download stats are also available via our public download counts API. Docs are going to be updated soon, but here’s an example call. The system currently has only a week’s worth of stats for scoped packages, but we are slowly backfilling those.

The stats via our API are only available for public packages, for obvious reasons. We will be integrating stats for private packages into the website in the coming months.

We thank you for your patience while our small team got around to these features, and we hope you love them!