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Credentials resets

Over the last few days we’ve been resetting the passwords for more than a thousand users and sending email informing them of the reset. Here is some detail about why we’re doing this.

We often revoke npm credentials leaked through testing service logs or that were accidentally checked into GitHub. Accidentally leaking environment variables like npm auth tokens in CI logs is a common mistake! We also have reset passwords for users who were found to have used common or weak passwords for their npm accounts, such as their username or the string password.

In this case, however, passwords for a number of users were available online, accessible via Google search. These passwords were made public through security breaches of other sites, and, unfortunately, the owners of some hacked accounts re-used the passwords for their npm accounts. This was discovered by an independent security researcher, who informed us of his discovery and set a short deadline for action on our part before he contacted you himself.

We have reset the passwords and revoked all extant auth tokens for the users whose passwords were publicly available.

To our knowledge, at no time has npm’s account information been accessed inappropriately. In all of these cases, the credentials were leaked either by the npm users themselves accidentally, or in breaches of other sites.

Here are the steps we’ve taken to help protect you from problems like this:

Here’s how you can protect yourself from credential leaks like this: