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The npm blog has been discontinued.

Updates from the npm team are now published on the GitHub Blog and the GitHub Changelog.

The npm CLI's Long Term Support (LTS) policy

The npm CLI project does not have designated LTS releases. The project only regularly does releases to the most recent major release.

Security Issues

In the event of a security issue, the npm CLI project will back port security patches to any version of npm currently shipping with a supported Node.js version, that is to say, any Node.js version still in its maintenance window.

Other releases

From time to time the npm CLI project may do a release of an older version of npm at the request of the Node.js project. Historically this has only been for important updates to node-gyp.

Using Old npm Versions

These older versions of npm will continue to work with the registry but may not support all of its latest features.

Questions and Comments

Questions or requests to change this policy should be filed as issues on the npm CLI repo, so the discussion can be tracked in one place.

Historical Note

During the npm@3 release cycle, npm@2 was maintained as an LTS release. Support for this version ended when npm@4 was released and no new version was promoted to LTS status.