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Values, Inclusion, and the Node.js Foundation

npm, Inc. and I will continue to throw our weight behind our values, including diversity and inclusivity in the Node.js project. I am encouraged to see that the Node.js Foundation board also recognizes the importance of these values, and is taking steps to correct the failures in project governance that risked calling their commitment into doubt.

There is tremendous risk if the Node.js Foundation doesn’t decisively expand its community of open source contributors. The Node.js ecosystem is larger than ever. Its continued growth depends on technical innovation, and innovation requires a healthy culture. Any project will suffer without contributions from a broad selection of its members, and any project will lose relevance if its leaders don’t actively promote inclusive conduct.

Node.js developers are an extremely diverse community who care deeply about inclusivity, and are not shy about expressing themselves through direct action. The Node.js project is stronger when they speak up.

I am confident that the leaders of Node.js Foundation will take the right actions to put this challenge behind us. It isn’t the first time that the community has spoken up about its needs, and I hope it isn’t the last. I am extremely proud of the community we’ve all built together, and excited to see it continue to grow and mature.