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The npm blog has been discontinued.

Updates from the npm team are now published on the GitHub Blog and the GitHub Changelog.


Hey y'all! Here’s another npm@6 release – with node@10 around the corner, this might well be the last prerelease before we tag 6.0.0! There’s two major features included with this release, along with a few miscellaneous fixes and changes.


Thanks to the wonderful efforts of @jdalton of lodash fame, npm init can now be used to invoke custom scaffolding tools!

You can now do things like npm init react-app or npm init esm to scaffold an npm package by running create-react-app and create-esm, respectively. This also adds an npm create alias, to correspond to Yarn’s yarn create feature, which inspired this.


This version of npm adds a new command, npm audit, which will run a security audit of your project’s dependency tree and notify you about any actions you may need to take.

The registry-side services required for this command to work will be available on the main npm registry in the coming weeks. Until then, you won’t get much out of trying to use this on the CLI.

As part of this change, the npm CLI now sends scrubbed and cryptographically anonymized metadata about your dependency tree to your configured registry, to allow notifying you about the existence of critical security flaws. For details about how the CLI protects your privacy when it shares this metadata, see npm help audit, or read the docs for npm audit online. You can disable this altogether by doing npm config set audit false, but will no longer benefit from the service.

MORE package-lock.json FORMAT CHANGES?!