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A new chapter for npm

Not to bury the lede: I have resigned from npm. I made the decision to leave in early May, and my final full-time day was July 1st, but as a co-founder it takes a long time to untangle yourself so I will be helping with transition-related tasks until they are wrapped up.

I joined npm in January of 2014 as co-founder, when it was just some ideals and a handful of servers that were down as often as they were up. In the following five and a half years Registry traffic has grown over 26,000%, and worldwide users from about 1 million back then to more than 11 million today. It always tempts fate to say “uptime is excellent” but while it hasn’t been perfect it has been excellent, a testament to huge improvements in architecture and hard work by our engineering team. Our support staff has grown from “tweet angrily at @izs” to a hard-working team who cheerfully and efficiently answer tickets from any and every user.

Our paid products, npm Orgs and npm Enterprise, have tens of thousands of happy users and the revenue from those sustains our core operations. One of our goals when founding npm Inc. was to make it possible for the Registry to run forever, and I believe we have achieved that goal.

However, that is not the only goal of npm Inc.. There are hundreds of thousands of companies large and small whose efficiency and security can be improved by using npm Orgs and Enterprise, and that mission is barely begun. While I am parting ways with npm, I look forward to seeing my friends and colleagues continue to grow and change the JavaScript ecosystem for the better.