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Reminder: fullfat DB is going away

TLDR: if you are still replicating from, you should stop ASAP. Otherwise, ignore this blog post.

Three months ago we announced that we were deprecating fullfatDB, our old-style couchDB registry with all attachments inline. That deadline has now passed and most people have switched away, but not all, so we’re extending the grace period for another 30 days.

In the final week on that grace period (i.e. 3 weeks from now) we will conduct a test by shutting off access to fullfat for 24 hours to see if anyone is affected who has not heard these announcements (it’s hard to contact fullfat users, since anyone can use it anonymously). We will then restore access for the final week.

If you need to replicate the fullfat functionality within your own environment, Dav Glass’s registry-static┬ápackage is a simple way to do that.